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Get Out Get Active website goes live!

GOGA website screenshotWe are proud to reveal the new Get Out Get Active (GOGA) programme website. The programmes funders, Spirt of 2012, have supported the new mobile responsive site, which enables more people to access essential GOGA information. As well as a central hub for programme partners, it will support disabled and non-disabled people to find more opportunities to be active. After working with the designers, Tictoc, we are delighted to share the result.

Get Out Get Active (GOGA) is an exciting new programme that supports disabled and non-disabled people to enjoy being active together. All partners are focused on getting some of the UK's least active people moving more through fun and inclusive activities.

The programme runs for over three years (2016-2019) and within 18 localities across the UK. It involves an extensive range of partners in order to reach more people. These partners offer in-depth local knowledge and national expertise. The new website holds information about each of the GOGA projects in one place, so it is easier for people to find opportunities across the UK.

Working together, we aim to increase the number of people who are able to access and enjoy local opportunities. This could be through local authority or independent provision, sports clubs or perhaps volunteering. We want to motivate people by tapping into their values and the things that matter most to them. This includes building friendships, maintaining health, having fun and progressing in life. It could be jogging in the park or attending a belly-dancing class. The range of opportunities is vast and the message is- have fun!

GOGA aims to:

  • Reach 16,500 individual participants, at least 40% of whom will remain active
  • Deliver over 30,000 sessions through 550 different activities
  • Recruit, train and involve over 2,000 volunteers

The website includes essential information on how to get involved, as well as local news as the programme grows. Partners will also have a secure area to access and share better practice, including useful resources.

We’ve been working hard to design and deliver this fantastic new site. With so many partners involved across the country, we needed a central hub for everything GOGA. Through the site, we hope more people can find opportunities and access the right information. The ultimate aim is to support more disabled and non-disabled people to find activities and enjoy being active.

Kat Southwell, GOGA Programme Manager

To look at the website now and learn more, visit

While the site is new, we will be testing various functions. Please contact the GOGA team on or call 01509 227750 for more information.