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Getting Out and Active for Movember

This week we are celebrating Movember. As the November campaign comes to a close, we are raising awareness of men's health by sharing stories from some of our GOGA male participants and volunteers.

GOGA in Rochdale

GreaterSport, Link4Life and partners have been working with new organisations to reach some of the least active groups across Rochdale. This month, we are focusing on men’s health to celebrate Men’s Health Awareness Month or as some people may know it, Movember! Here, Neil talks about how getting active helped him through a difficult time in his life and provided opportunities for him to volunteer.

In 2016, Neil signed up to the Link4Life Skills4Sports and Leisure programme which aims to develop a structure for sports programmes and increase the number of individuals regularly taking part in sport. The training programme includes specially selected courses for working in the sport and leisure industry, and access to courses such as principles of coaching, and community and sports leadership. Through Neil’s involvement in the Skills4Sport programme he found out about how he could volunteer and get involved in cycling through the Get Out Get Active (GOGA) programme.

Neil explains how and why he wanted to get involved in GOGA’s local cycling session in Rochdale:

“I initially got involved following the death of my partner in a cycling accident.

“I used the cycling to try and help me deal with the incident, it was something new for me. I like cycling and the session was getting me out the house when I was struggling with depression and drinking a lot of alcohol.

“The sessions are great and I really enjoy meeting people. It brings me into contact with lots of different people, disabled and non-disabled people taking part together. Seeing people with a smile on their face is infectious and it makes me happy too. Since I started cycling, I have lost weight and feel much fitter. I also enjoy being outdoors more, it makes me feel great.

“Following on from my involvement in GOGA I would like to get a tent and go on a cycling tour. I have also become more interested in the training side and have done my Cycle Leaders Award. If I was to give my advice to others who are thinking about getting involved in GOGA I would say go ahead. It really builds your confidence and you get to meet new people, often people who will have similar experiences to your own that you can relate to.”

 For further information on GOGA activities and opportunities available in Rochdale please contact Graeme Hill on