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Register your club or activity for the new Parasport campaign

Activity Alliance is supporting the British Paralympic Association on their refreshed site, Parasport, powered by Toyota. Clubs, events and activity providers are encouraged to sign up for Parasport, an online hub that aims to empower more disabled people to become more active. It is set for a public launch in March.

Parasport powered by Toyota logo

Activity Alliance is supporting the British Paralympic Association with our insight on marketing to an inactive audience and barriers to participation. Our Chief Executive, Barry Horne, will speak at the launch event in March.

The creators are using this insight to create an online destination for people with an impairment to discover and share activities.

New Parasport will:

  • Connect disabled people to opportunities to get active through a new digital platform:, creating a vibrant community for people to share their experiences and become advocates for the benefits of being more active.
  • Give clubs and organisations listed on Parasport the chance to win a range of rewards including a visit from a Paralympian
  • Increase awareness of activity opportunities that are available for disabled people in the UK by enriching current listings and sourcing new ones, including accessible and inclusive sessions
  • Challenge attitudes to disability and empower disabled people and their networks by providing the information, inspiration and confidence they need to become active

The new site aims to showcase each activity in greater detail and provide users with more ways than ever to find opportunities. It will be launched with a major national marketing campaign this March.

The new in-depth listings will give people all the information they need to make informed decisions about which activities are right for them. The registration form is really quick and simple, so fill yours in now and be part of the exciting new Parasport campaign.

You can sign up at Parasport