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Getting Out and Active in Nottingham

Bill taking part in Golden GlovesBill first came across the Get Out Get Active (GOGA) programme in Nottingham through Golden Gloves. It’s a GOGA activity set up across the independent living scheme Furze Gardens, where Bill lives with his wife, Val. Golden Gloves is aimed at older people that teaches some basic boxing skills in a friendly environment.

During the sessions it quickly became clear that Bill was not only a ‘dab-hand’ at boxing, having boxed in his youth, but he was also a great motivator for the other people taking part. He oozes enthusiasm, encouraging others to take part, supporting them to learn new skills. When Golden Gloves launched at another venue, Bill was delighted to be involved, but this time as a volunteer!

As a volunteer, Bill supports the session leader, Gary, with demonstrations and pairs up with participants to give guidance and support. His delivery style packs a punch and everyone relates to him as a previous participant. With the support of Gary, Bill now leads parts of the session, where he gives people a number of gentle exercises they can do in their own homes.

As the sessions have developed and after feedback, these exercises have now moved onto activity cards too. The cards are handed out at sessions to encourage people, particularly older aged participants, to remain active outside the sessions.

Bills Activity Card