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What? Supporting healthier, happier and more active lives

Across the UK, millions of disabled and non-disabled people, are struggling to be as active as they want and need to be.

Disabled and non disabled person in sumo suits celebrating end of activity

If we don’t change how we approach activity, we risk many more people losing the chance to become active. And the gap between disabled and non-disabled people’s participation will only widen. The GOGA approach provides a framework for the future of activity for the UK’s least active people.

These resources outline the building blocks that we found to be effective and key to delivery. Examples include the importance of a person-centred approach, communication and not steering away from failure but ensure that we learn from it.

GOGA a person centred approach

The GOGA approach

GOGA measuring our impact

From our investments we know that person centred approaches which are tailored to the needs of potential participants are more likely to be successful in engaging and retaining inactive people.

Ruth Hollis Chief Executive Officer, Spirit of 2012
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