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Learn about Get Out Get Active

What is Get Out Get Active?

Get Out Get active (GOGA) began in 2016 and was a programme created to bring disabled and non disabled people together to be active. It looked to engage the least active communities in fun, inclusive ways. Lead partner Activity Alliance teamed up with an extensive range of partners to help GOGA reach more people through in depth local knowledge and national expertise.

GOGA is about much more than being active. It strengthens community spirit, increases confidence and improves mental health. It increases the demand for, and the accessibility, of activities. The success of GOGA has come from tapping into people's real life motivations to be physically active underpinned by Activity Alliance's Ten Talk to Me principles.

PP GOGA Abraham Moss Leisure Centre 39 credit EFDSGOGA core ingredients:

GOGA has core ingredients that underpin the whole programme, these ingredients include:

  • Reaching the very least active disabled and non-disabled people in “active recreation” through locality driven:
    - Outreach
    - Engagement
    - Effective marketing
  • Supporting disabled and non-disabled people to be active together through genuinely inclusive environments
  • Focus on engaging people and developing workforce through use of the ten talk to me principles
  • Three types of sustainability:
    - Individuals active for life
    - Inclusive local system and practice
    - Transferable learning

GOGA to date:

Since 2016 GOGA has had overwhelming success in bringing disabled and non-disabled people together in activities across the UK. Through phase 1 GOGA:

  • Engaged more than 30,000 disabled and non-disabled participants, 42% of which admitted to doing no physical activity prior to GOGA
  • Supported over half of our participants to have the confidence to take up additional sport and physical activity opportunities. This is 9-12 months after taking part in the programme
  • Recruited 2,800 volunteers
  • Supported 2,000 volunteers and paid staff to reach the very least active
  • Delivered over 2,400 activities and a multitude of events across the UK

Take a look at our GOGA Impact summary.

Family Fitness Night

Get Out Get Active programme description in BSL and subtitles

GOGA phase 2:

Following the success of GOGA phase 1 through further funding we our now running phase 2 of the GOGA programme where we will continue focus on getting some of the UK's least active people moving through fun and inclusive activities. Foe more information take a look at our GOGA phase 2 page

Our Funders:

Spirit of 2012 is the founding funder of GOGA. They initially funded the four year programme (2016- 2020) to reach 16,500 of the very least active disabled people aNd non- disabled people in activity together. They invested another £3 million for phase two of the programme (2020- 2023)

Phase two also secured further continuation funding and aditional investment of £1 million each from Sport England and the London Marathon Charitable Trust. This will help further extend GOGA's reach and impact.

Activities for All- Bowls

To find out more about this programme please contact the GOGA team or call 01509 227750 

It is a powerful proposition to get so many more people out and active and we are proud to be leading on such a major investment. The programme has the potential to change how we encourage, enable and engage more people through active recreation

Barry Horne Chief Executive Activity Alliance
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