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GOGA supports the UK's least active disabled and non-disabled people to move more through fun and inclusive activities.

To find out more about this programme please visit Learn about GOGA or take a look at the GOGA annual reports:

Changing people’s mind-sets to physical activity and sport is not an overnight job and that’s why we want to work with lots of different organisations to help us to make measurable differences to people's lives. Collaboration is key and we can't do this in isolation

To mamximise GOGA investment we are keen to; 

  • Support individuals to remain active for life 
  • Encourage partners to embed new ways of inclusive working, AND
  • Ensure GOGA provides good quality transferable learning

To achieve this we need your help!

Please get in to touch with us if you have networks, pathways, products or programmes that you think could add value to the GOGA programme! 

We'll keep you up-to-date with the latest learning from the programme and how best to reach those least active.

Photo capturing Golden Gloves at the GOGA 2019 conference