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Women's Sport Week: Get Out Get Active women- Rachael’s story

Women’s Sport Week takes place between 19- 25 June. Although the campaign comes before a packed summer of elite sport, the Get Out Get Active (GOGA) programme is making waves at grassroots level across the UK. To mark the week, GOGA is celebrating some of the fantastic women working on the programme. Today, we hear from Rachael from Inspiring healthy lifestyles about her aspirations for GOGA across Wigan.

GOGA, funded by Spirit of 2012, is an exciting new programme that supports disabled and non‑disabled people to take part in fun and inclusive activities together. It aims to make activity more appealing for everyone. Working in 18 different areas across the UK, partners are delivering over 30,000 sessions over three years.

The Women’s Sport Week campaign encourages the public to have fun and celebrate this vintage summer of women’s sport by watching, listening, volunteering and taking part in sporting activities. Those involved hope the campaign generates debate and encourages people to show their support, in order to help more women and girls reach their full potential through sport.

Through this project, Greater Sport is our partner in Greater Manchester. Their work includes engaging with young disabled and non-disabled people in Wigan.

Rachael windsurfing

Rachael Dashouri-Darling, Disability Lead at Inspiring healthy lifestyles in Wigan

I manage all aspects of the GOGA programme across the Wigan Borough. Also, I lead the delivery of activity sessions at our Howe Bridge site which include adventure play, climbing and our new sessions GOGA Move focussing on movement to music.

I’m passionate about ensuring everyone has the same access to sport and physical activity opportunities. So I am hoping to make a difference to the way in which services are delivered and break down some of the barriers to participation specifically for disabled people.

I walk on average eight miles a day with my two dogs. I also play and coach hockey at Wigan Hockey Club and I take part in Parkrun on a regular basis at Haigh Woodland Park. I am also currently training to take part in the Great North Run in September. I enjoy new challenges too so like trying out different sports when and where I can.

I would say to people wanting to try activities- get out there and give it a go, try something new, challenge yourself. Do what you love, do what makes you smile and help put a smile on others' faces. If you’re having fun delivering activity other people will have fun taking part. 

Find more information by emailing the team or calling 01509 227750. Follow the campaign on #WSW2017 or GOGA conversation on #GetOutGetActive.