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Getting active while at home

Get Out Get Active understands the physical and mental health benefits of being active, especially during this unprecedented time. While everyone must follow government advice in social distancing, there are many ways to be active around the home and in the open air.

Bill GOGA Nottingham volunteerFollowing government guidance, Get Out Get Active is delaying the programme’s set activities across the UK. However, all partners continue to work together to ensure disabled and non-disabled people can access inclusive opportunities.

As a national programme, we’re backing all home nation activity campaigns. That includes Sport England’s #StayInWorkOut and Sport Wales #BeActiveWales #CymruActif. There are other hashtags too like #SportSafeStrong and #StayatHomeNI.

Some partners are creating their own social media challenges. Look out for these on their channels or through the programme’s Twitter

Never has it been more important to engage the least active people in our communities. We are very aware there will be more residents feeling isolated and less active. That’s why our partners are using their expertise and local knowhow to reach people in creative ways.

There are many ways to go outside, close to where you live for one session of exercise a day, on your own or with your household. Whether that’s a game of swing ball in the garden, a walk down your street or a bike ride. It is important to find ways that are right for you and our partners can support you in adapting ideas.

We’re especially keen to hear about your inclusive activities, engaging people with different impairments and ages in your household.

Tag us in to share your activities on social media on Twitter @GetActiveGOGA.