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Get Out Get Active launch top tips to setting up a deliverers' network

Get Out Get Active (GOGA) is a programme with people and partnerships at its heart. Our GOGA partner, Nottingham City Council, is doing what it can to support an important group of people – activity deliverers. Today, we launch Nottingham’s top tips to setting up a deliverers' network to support other organisations who are thinking about doing the same. 

Flo Skate Park

GOGA Nottingham set up the Nottingham Deliverers' Network in 2021 to provide a platform to bring together providers. The network commits to providing inclusive physical activity, and to work together to achieve a clear and consistent offer.

Claudia Russell, Get Out Get Active Project Officer, identified a need to support the deliverers involved in GOGA. The aim was to create a space where deliverers could come together to share ideas, learn, access support, and celebrate their contributions and successes. The network provides an opportunity for deliverers to come together as a group and create their own support network.

I think there is a place for the Nottingham Deliverers' Network because sometimes as freelance instructors it can be very isolating and the this provides a wider network that you can belong to, it’s almost like a community or a club.

Charmaine Daley, Community Instructor.

The network continues to grow and now has over 70 members. It provides training and learning opportunities, having already delivered over 20 workshops. Working with Nottingham City Council, we created the top tips to setting up a deliverers' network to help other organisations who are looking for ways to support their providers.

The Nottingham Deliverers' Network is an invaluable opportunity to engage with and give back to the providers of physical activity across Nottingham. We can begin to create something off the back of the GOGA programme but with an aim to grow bigger and wider.
Using training as a front door to the network has been a really valuable way to engage organisations and providers, with each course we have seen membership grow.
The feedback from members of the network so far has been positive, with people stating that particularly in challenging climates it’s been reassuring to realise they are not alone.

Claudia Russell, of Nottingham City Council 

A key ingredient of Get Out Get Active is having an inclusive workforce. A workforce that truly understands inclusive activity. The top tips to setting up a deliverers' network will support other organisations to develop, create and embed inclusive ways of working within their communities.

Helen Newberry, Programme Lead (Workforce) at Activity Alliance

If you are interested in creating a support network for your providers, find the top tips to setting up a deliverers' network on our resources page to see the top tips.

Find out more about the network, visit Nottingham Deliverers' Network.