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Cat Clements reflects how GOGA supports Uniting the Movement

Cat Celments, Head of Disability at Sport England, joined May King Tsang for the latest in our Get Out Get Active celebration videos. She looked back at Sport England’s involvement in the UK-wide programme that has reached an extraordinary 160,000 people since 2016.  

Watch Cat reflect on GOGA with May King below:

Sport England, with London Marathon Foundation, joined Spirit of 2012 to fund the Get Out Get Active (GOGA) in 2020. They have helped GOGA to continue to be focus on getting some of the UK's least active people moving through fun and inclusive activities. 

Next week, on Thursday 19 October, Activity Alliance and partners will celebrate all things Get Out Get Active (GOGA). We are bringing people together from across the UK to recognise the importance of their work. The event will give everyone present an opportunity to reflect on the impact of GOGA. We will celebrate how the programme has changed the lives of those involved. How the GOGA approach brings people together. And the people of GOGA, who continue to embed the GOGA way into their lives.  

In the latest video of the series, Cat reflects on how GOGA continues to support Sport England’s strategy, Uniting the Movement. She mentions how the GOGA way helps people to become active in non-traditional sport and physical activity settings:  

“What we know and hear from disabled people and organisations that work with them, is that disabled people want to feel listened to… and they really value being able to put forward what it is that they want to do… it might be more diverse activities such as arts and crafts or gardening. So we think it’s really important that we work with organisations such as Activity Alliance that have the right ethos and we’ve seen this through their development of the Talk to Me principles.” 

The incredible work done across the UK has seen a remarkable 31,000 individual participants, and 3,500 volunteers involved since 2016. Every session has been based on a simple approach, creating a place where disabled and non-disabled people can come together to be active. GOGA has influenced and encouraged organisations to do things differently when it comes to physical activity.  

You can watch Adam Blaze, CEO of Activity Alliance, share his thoughts. Or, hear from a participant, Rosy Bevis, on the fun and friendships she has found at her GOGA sessions. Or, hear from Fiona Reid, CEO of Disability Sport Wales, who shares her memories of GOGA. 

About Get Out Get Active 

Get Out Get Active (GOGA) is a programme that supports disabled and non-disabled people to enjoy being active together. Activity Alliance is the creator and lead partner. The programme is funded by Spirit of 2012, Sport England and London Marathon Foundation.  

Find out more about Get Out Get Active here