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GOGA continues to change lives through sport and activity

Today Get Out Get Active (GOGA) launches its latest impact report. Showing how the programme has changed the lives of those involved. How the GOGA approach brings people together. And how our partners continue to embed the GOGA way into their lives.  

Since 2016, GOGA has continued to strengthen community spirit, increase confidence, and improve mental health. It is on course to have reached over 160,000 disabled and non-disabled people.  

After a successful celebration event in October where we experienced the story of GOGA told by the people who have helped to shape, influence, and benefit from the programme. Today we release our new impact report, showing the impact of GOGA from March 2020 to October 2023. 

Watch the montage video of the GOGA celebration event:

Made possible by founding funder Spirit of 2012 and additional investment from Sport England and London Marathon Foundation, GOGA continues to be focused on getting some of the UK's least active people moving through fun and inclusive activities.  

Driven by a ‘no fear’ attitude that’s open to change, learning, and doing things differently, GOGA reaches the people that stand to benefit most from being more active. It improves their physical, social, and mental wellbeing, increases their confidence, and gives them the opportunity to connect with others in their communities. GOGA also changes the attitudes of individuals and organisations, encouraging them to engage the least in active people in their communities, in fun and inclusive ways. 

With support from Wavehill, our monitoring and evaluation partners, we know that across 35 UK locations, disabled and non-disabled people are set to have taken part in some 3,000 different fun and inclusive activities. 

GOGA has inspired and supported impactful change in organisations. It continues to help partners to embed new ways of working and informing practice beyond programme delivery.  

The learning from the project has changed how we approach consultation and co-production. I would say we are now approaching it in a more holistic way and trying different ways to reach all the community. 

Daniel Ball, Leisure Client Contract Manager, Haringey Council  

After teaming up with a range of partners with local and national expertise to engage more people this latest report shows the continued positive impact of GOGA on the lives of those involved: 

  • Six in ten people have continued to be active and maintained their activities levels outside of GOGA.  
  • More than a quarter of people working and volunteering for GOGA have a disability or long-term health condition. 
  • Eight in ten people state improvements in their mental wellbeing after taking part in GOGA activities.  
  • Six in ten people are now more connected within their community.  
We at Spirit of 2012 see GOGA as pivotal to the UK’s physical activity crisis. We will always be a strong advocate and ally of the approach. GOGA highlights the evidence and the stories that consistently show that the GOGA way works.

Ruth Hollis, Chief Executive at Spirit of 2012 

GOGA has influenced and encouraged organisations across the UK to do things differently. Through this impact report, we know GOGA will continue to tackle a range of inequalities that people continue to experience when wanting to be active.  

Our current GOGA activities come to an end in December, but thanks to the local partners and their dedication to sustainability the GOGA way will continue. We are in conversations with potential funders to develop and grow the programme. 

To view the full impact report please visit the About Get Out Get Active page on our website. 

About Get Out Get Active 

Get Out Get Active (GOGA) is a programme that supports disabled and non-disabled people to enjoy being active together. Activity Alliance is the creator and lead partner. The programme is funded by Spirit of 2012, Sport England and London Marathon Foundation.  

Find out more about Get Out Get Active here