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Volunteer Management Toolkit

Everyone should have the ability to access volunteering opportunities. Created in partnership with Volunteering Matters, the information in the Get Out Get Active (GOGA) Volunteer Management Toolkit provides organisations with a step-by-step guide to building an inclusive volunteer programme. 

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Download the Volunteer Management Toolkit Roadmap

Understanding your organisation's volunteer journey.


Featuring a roadmap and resources on how to deliver an inclusive and accessible volunteer journey. In the Toolkit you will find our key learnings and insight on supporting disabled volunteers and have accesss to external resources to support the development of an inclusive volunteering programme.

Find more information about volunteering and becoming a volunteer on our volunteers page

  • 1

    Creating positive and inclusive volunteer opportunities

    People are motivated to volunteer for several different reasons. It’s important to understand and appeal to their motivations so that they are attracted to the volunteering opportunities available.

  • 2

    Importance of volunteers

    Having volunteers involved and engaged in your activities and organisation is essential. They bring new abilities, perspectives and additional capacity. 

  • 3

    Volunteer recruitment

    It’s important that a organisation understands what it is capable of doing as the result of having volunteers.

  • 4

    Supporting and retaining volunteers

    Disabled and non-disabled volunteers add significant value to organisations.

  • 5

    Volunteer recognition and appreciation

    Volunteers are giving their time up for your organisation, so it is vital to recognise and appreciate them.

  • 6


    Creating a safe and welcoming environment, where everyone is respected and valued is important to any organisation, particularly where vulnerable and/or disabled children and adults are involved.

  • 7

    Measuring the impact of volunteers

    Understanding and measuring the value of volunteering on your organisation or programme is key to translating the impact they have on the overall outcomes.